Writing in the Dark

Hello. September’s blog is a bit … different. The power went out last night and I couldn’t use technology or see, and so I decided to write this blog. In the dark. (I mean I couldn’t see the paper, and was writing my sentences on top of each other). It’s far from perfect, and has no structure, but I like it because it’s different, and not something I would have ever done had the power been on.

I’ve typed it out here exactly how I wrote it on the paper. - Wow, it was honestly so difficult keeping all the grammatical errors and spelling mistakes … When I typed this, I frequently had to stop for a moment to shout out, “OH NO!” and put my hands over my face in embarrassment. Contemplated fixing the mistakes, but I decided not to because I think I need to work on not being so controlled.

“So. Currently I’m sitting in Braam, in the dark. Because the lights have just gone out. I think something tripped. And its funny as I literally cannot see the words that I am writing. I can see the outline of the page. But I have no idea if I am writing on top of each other. I think that I’ve left this month’s article quite late this month. And it’s because I haven’t though of any ideas. Well maybe I have but I haven’t emersed myself in them. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if when the lights come back on, I find that there is nothing on the paper because the pen wasn’t working. I literally laughed out loud just thinking that. You know in exams, I always take 4 pens with me because my pens frequently stop working. But let’s hope – well I should say that if you are reading this right now, you know that this pen was working. So, I decided that seeing that there is no light, I need to still do something so that this time is not a waste. Right now there is traffic outside, the sound of a generator – the buildings in the distance have light, so maybe they have a generator. And there is a girl outside who is screeching. It’s one of those happy screeches. It’s funny how when all the lights are switched off, and technology is taken away, our world becomes smaller. But it’s like we’re actually, for the first time in ages, noticing our direct surroundings. I have been putting this off for so long. Writing a blog. Distractions as a way not to do it. But now I’m here. And I’m writing this. And I may not be making much sense. There is no structure. No introduction and conclusion. I’m just writing in the dark surrounded by the sound of cars going past. And people talking outside. And the occasional happy shriek. You know I was thinking. When something happens that deters us off our path. Say we had a plan but then something happened and we were kicked off that plan. Now were in a new environment. While we may be frustrated at the beginning, I think that ultimately it is cool because we ould potentially do something that we would have never done otherwise. I mean take now. I have a microeconomics test on Thursday and I haven’t started studying for it. And then just as I am, the lights go out. (Side note. The just as I am was used for dramatic effect. In reality, I had just started watching a 20 minute video on James Charles getting a puppy). So the lights went out, and I can’t study micro now. But so happy that the lights did go off because it brought me to writing this in the dog. And I like this idea that I got before, because it means that I’m doing something creative. And something I’ve never done before. And I feel that I need to say something profind so that you’re not just sitting there reading my rambling mind. The think that has made me truly joyful in life…I mean truly happy inside. Is gratitude. I feel that when I look at what I have. And all the opportunities I’ve had. And the connections I’ve made. And the memories. And the simple things like this paper. And pen, this darkness and this moment, I just feel really happy.

Thank you life.”