Following Your Intuition

Do you ever feel like you go through periods where your mind is drawn to learning a particular lesson or skill? Maybe you’re really focused on getting fit … or watching a lot of documentaries … or learning how to speak to people you don’t know. In July, I have felt very drawn to strengthening my intuition, and so I felt that it would be fitting to write about it.

Intuition to me is a strong feeling that I get that guides me on my next step. So, examples of this may be waking up and having a strong urge to send one of my friends a message, asking if they’re okay; writing on a particular topic; sitting in a different seat; or going out with my friends one night even though I would usually stay at home. It may also be a feeling that tells me NOT to do something. Don’t go out tonight. Don’t write on that particular topic.

Sometimes we may get an intuitive feeling about something, but will choose to ignore it because it doesn’t make sense.We may make the more logical decision instead. The reason for this might be that the logical decision has a ‘tangible’, almost-guaranteed outcome whereas an intuitive one does not. So, example, we may choose to study at university, and gather a number of degrees because we have been told this is the way you can get a job and earn a lot of money.

When we make an intuitive decision, we can’t usually see the outcome, and that’s what makes it so scary. It feels like we’re taking a risk. Going back to our previous example – maybe we have an urge to go travelling or start our own business instead of studying, but we may choose not to do so because we cannot see how we can earn a lot of money that way.

By disregarding our intuition though, I think that we are placing limits on what is possible. By deciding not to go travelling, we are saying that we do not trust that that would have lead to money, success, etc. But maybe that could have led to those things (and many other things) – just in a different way.

This month, I have been trying to make my decisions based on the gut feeling I get and not on my logical thoughts. At the end of last month actually (I guess my mind has been drawn to intuition for longer than just July), I got an idea for a blog, and I was brainstorming it and getting ready to write the article. While I was doing this, there were 2 thoughts going on in my head. The one was like: “This isn’t the blog for June. You’ll find something better,” and the other was like, “This is a good topic, and besides, it’s nearly the end of the month and you have to write something.”

Initially, I was ignoring that first thought and basically pretending it didn’t exist and wasn’t there. But eventually I decided to listen to it, scrap the idea and come up with something else. A few days later I came up with another idea which felt a lot more … right … and I wrote about underestimating our growth. So, initially I was ignoring my intuition because I was skeptical that I would be able to come up with a whole new idea that felt right … But I did. So, I probably should have gone with my intuition from the beginning.

While intuition is not always the safe option, if we trust it, I believe that it can lead us to the places we dreamed of and more. I also think the more we follow our intuition, the stronger it will become.

Have you ever been in a situation where you have followed your intuition – despite it not making any sense – and being lead to something that you felt was right? I would really love to hear about it.