I'm sure we've all had days where we've got home feeling drained and tired. If you can pick up on other people's moods and energies, you may experience this often. In this post, I'm going to share two different types of feelings I experience after being around negative or insecure people. I'll tell you how I recover from these as well as what I do in order to protect myself from bad vibes. The first type of feeling I experience after being around some people is a jittery one. It almost feels like I'm on a caffeine high which doesn't make sense since I haven't gone anywhere near the coffee. This normally happens to me after being around an insecure person or somebody who hasn't mentally challenged me. Once I leave I'll suddenly feel very bored and I'll want to do something rebellious or exciting. The most effective way that I've found that can get you down from this high is for somebody to touch you. Even if they just touch you for a few minutes, you should feel yourself calming down. I think it is better if the person touching you is calm to begin with and of course it helps if they give off a positive vibe. The second feeling that I've experienced is a drained, exhausted one. This happens to me after being around really negative people who may have made me feel helpless or bad about myself. The best way to recover from this is to spend time alone. Watch tv, read a book, sleep. You may decide to do yoga or meditate. If you had plans with other people, it's best to postpone them. Drained people don't make very good company and if you continue to see people, it will just take longer to feel better. I find the lazier the day, the quicker it takes to rejuvenate. It's very important to hang around positive people. Positive people inspire you and make you feel good about yourself and you will feel lighter and more energised around them. Negative people on the other hand can make you feel bad both mentally and physically. If you spend time around a negative person, your thoughts may become hopeless, you may feel insecure and you could feel exhausted and lazy. In theory, it sounds easy to surround yourself with positive people but in practice it isn't that simple. If you are finding it difficult to get away from somebody who is draining you, picture a golden white light or energy surrounding you and tell yourself that you are protected. You may want to do this in work or school environments where there is no way of avoiding the thunder cloud in the corner. Another useful trick that I found is hematite, a silvery black crystal. When I had just moved to Joburg, I became very drained and depressed because of the environment. There was a tense, angry energy in the air and I was picking up on it. I found a crystal shop called Crystal Spirits (Lakefield Square, Benoni) and after explaining to the lady who worked there my predicament, she suggested hematite. Apparently this is a grounding stone used for protection. I very eagerly purchased the crystal, attached it to a necklace and wore it around my neck when I got back to Joburg. I could almost immediately feel the effects and felt a lot better. Hematite prevented me from picking up on anybody's energy - both good and bad- and it kind of felt like I was in a bubble. The downside to this stone is that you may become more anti-social and won't want to go out on adventures. Therefore, I would suggest only wearing it at a place where you aren't required to be the life and soul of the party. If you know of any other ways to recover or protect yourself from negative vibes, please could you share them as I'd love to know. I'm also interested to hear about other drained feelings you may experience besides the jittery and exhausted ones.