Do you find yourself panicking at the idea of presenting a speech?

Are you fighting with your friends and family? 

Are you battling to understand your child/teenager?

Would you like to be more confident in social settings?

Would you like to overcome shyness and walk into a social setting without feeling nervous?

Do you find life pointless?

Do you find yourself feeling more and more insignificant?

Are you sad more often than not these days?

Do you avoid mirrors because you can't stand to look at your appearance?

Are negative people draining you or pressuring you into doing uncomfortable things?

Do you seem to care a lot about society's rules and other people's opinions?

Do you need help in improving your marks? (Maths, English poetry and literature, Business Studies, History) 

Do you ever open up the question paper and go completely blank?

Are you stressed?


If you are saying "yes," to any of these questions, book an appointment with me below. 


I am available between 9am and 3pm both Saturday and Sunday. 


Price: R350/hr

Book a Coaching Session


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