Hello everyone.


My name is Jess Qvist and I am the creator of 44. I am a Life Coach and I help people listen to their inner voice and become the person they were always destined to be.


You might have an idea of the career you would like or the relationship you would like to be in, but something inside of you is telling you that it is not possible and you cannot possibly achieve it. I believe that it IS possible, and I would love to help you get there.

I can also help you identify what your inner voice is saying and what you really want in life.


44 was started in 2016 after a friend of mine suggested that I start a Facebook Page where I could post videos of myself speaking about various topics. This then morphed into a website, Instagram page and recently a YouTube channel. I post a daily quote on 44’s Facebook and Instagram pages, and a new video every Saturday.

I believe that change starts with the self. When the outer world looks like a chaotic mess, it is a sign that the inner world is not balanced, and you most likely need to come to grips with something inside of yourself. A flaw, perhaps. Or a bad habit. I used to stand around criticising bad leaders, example, and then one day I realised that all of those traits – the procrastination, laziness, inefficiency, indecisiveness – were inside of me too. If I found it difficult to change those things about me, how on earth was I going to change them in others?

44 is a safe place where we can focus on our personal development and grow to be the best humans we can be. If you would like to book a coaching session with me, please send me an email – thefortyfourpage@gmail.com – and we can set one up.


Wishing you a wonderful day!


Jess 😊