Hello magical people.

I'm so happy that you've stumbled across this page. I firmly believe that you attract people and situations that are right for you in the moment and so I think there's a reason you found this website.

My name is Jess Qvist, creator of 44. The idea of 44 came to me after the people I was speaking to kept telling me how insightful I am.  After some consideration, and much breaking out of my comfort zone, I started to make YouTube videos and then Facebook videos that I just posted on my personal page. I focused on topics such as positivity, gratitude and authenticity.

A good friend of mine then suggested starting a Facebook page so that I would be able to reach a larger target market. I thought it was a great idea but I was unsure of a name.

I thought about it for a few seconds and then the name "44" came to mind. 44 is a number I kept seeing continuously and in fact it still pops up regularly today. I wasn't a hundred percent sure though and so I decided to meditate, hoping the answer would come to me at the end of it. When I picked up my phone 10 or 11 minutes later it was 08:44. I knew then that 44 was the right name.



After a few months of just the Facebook page I got the idea to start this website. In that way I would be able to post blog posts as I've always enjoyed writing. I'd also been looking for a mystical-type-vibe website for a while and when I couldn't find one I decided to just create it. I found a wonderful graphic designer, Yolanda Brand of Illumineer Media & Design and she was able to understand my vision and produce it.

My vision is that this website will give off a warm, magical and safe vibe. When you leave I want you to feel empowered and great about yourself. I would also love for you to feel comfortable enough to share your own experiences and feelings.

I believe that when you focus on loving yourself and creating peace in your own mind, this will have a ripple effect and change the world on a global scale. When you love yourself, you encourage the person next to you to love themself. When people feel good inside, they make more loving and compassionate choices.

I have judged people throughout my life but I know it's because in that moment I've chosen to be cold and close minded. The person that I've judged isn't ridiculous. I've just chosen to view them that way because of my own insecurities.
This is a helpful tip to remember.

I hope that at least one of my videos or blog posts will resonate with you. If I can touch at least one person, I know that I've fulfilled my destiny.

I hope you have a beautiful day. Remember that you play an important role in our universe.

Love and Magic

I feel like humans have become very closed off.


We are afraid to share our feelings and we constantly feel like we have to pretend. I've discovered though that when you're honest and real, people connect with you better.


I'll sometimes think, "oh well I can't tell them that because they will judge me." The amazing thing though is when I do tell them that, people become more open and loving towards me. Suddenly they relate to me.

I've also realised that when people judge you, it's about them and not you.


31 Dec 2019

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